About yahoo lifestyle:-

We all are used to hear this word called “YAHOO”, which a very famous search engine and we all are habitual for using this to gather knowledge and for the information about anything and any topic.
But what is ” YAHOO LIFESTYLE “? Do you know? May be mostly of you aware from this word but not all people.
Yahoo lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest trends.

Yahoo lifestyle serving up lifestyle and pop culture ideas that inspire, inform and include everyone.
Yahoo lifestyle is giving almost everything at just one place and not only giving but it’s also advising us that what is beneficial and good for us and also offer discounts time to time. And keep us up to date and trendy in society.
Yahoo lifestyle provides a digital space for every woman in America – all ages, identities, and sizes – to feel connected and get inspired with the pop culture, personal stories and products they care about.


Yahoo has many subsidiary directories and yahoo travel being one of them. Yahoo travel is a life style directory that lists various articles about travel, lifestyle and celebrity gossip where the celebrity is a tourist or similar viral news.
Many similar travel oriented sourced articles are sourced from other websites and blogs as well, which can be up voted or down voted by the reader. It is widely known that yahoo travel funds its writers to travel and write task oriented articles.

Yahoo travel has its social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It is a free directory for the users who intend to read the articles and receive subscribed articles in their mailboxes. But it’s paid directory for the blogs and websites who want their articles to be hosted on yahoo travel.


The future of shopping is here, introducing the Now With network, the first interactive e-commerce, celebrity- driven network combining premium story telling with Shoppable experiences.

This is a celebrity – driven, interactive platform that will connect consumers closer than ever before with top talent, brands and products through premium story telling and interactive Shoppable experiences.
This unique branded content network, founded by celebrity branding expert ‘NICOLE WINNAMAN’ of working Sundays, was launched on November 15, 2018 exclusively on yahoo lifestyle. The leading digital source for style, beauty and wellness trending stories.

“Now With “, produced and presented by yahoo lifestyle, will feature Shoppable episodes catered to verticals aligned with trending topics including but not limited to: fashion, beauty, home , design, food and wellness
Matched with yahoo life style’s influence and reach, this unique partnership will take the shopping and story telling experience to new audiences just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Why advertisers will love it:-

Be one of the first brands to engage in the first seamless, Shoppable video experience. Engage viewers through compelling video that allows clicks and shopping in real time.


Yahoo lifestyle providing us the all information regarding to health, fashion, trends, business, travel, entertainment and much more.
This is an online market which is exploring very fast nowadays and people are preffering the online shopping instead of actually going to market in crowd and rush.
Digital advertising, on the other hand, offers high margins and fast – growing market as people spend more time consuming content on mobile devices.
Marketers are quickly shifting ad dollars from traditional media towards digital ads, particularly on mobile devices.


As a leading cultural and style news source, Yahoo lifestyle is always looking to elevate the conversation and experience with their audiences.
Lastly to sum up we can Say that Yahoo lifestyle is growing fastly because it is providing a perfect market to people without going outside. And in this way online marketing is continually increase their customers by serving a good stuff and market of materials which they are looking for.
In future there is 99% chances that every single person will preffered online shopping instead of going outside and this will be the very big success of digital marketing and Yahoo lifestyle.

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