Consequences of using fragrance in skincare products

The fragrance is the key element in the tropical world just as computers are these days. If ver told to prepare a list of people who don’t use computers it will be a very difficult task that can be done. The same way if you are looking for products that are fragrance-free, possibilities are you have to wander through every market but still won’t be able to find one. On the same note, are you aware that fragrances are used skincare products as well?

The response generally received by the fragrances

Most common feedback received from the consumers after using products that were fragrance infused was allergic reactions caused on the skin that was noticed ranging from dermatitis to hives. However, Anaphylaxis could rarely be noticed in the consumers. It was thus concluded that the risk of getting an allergy by using fragrance mixed in the skincare products are quite low, still, several studies were carried out to come to a proper conclusion.

The results stated that the percentage of the population which is at risk is estimated to be 1 %. This was an outcome of the study which was conducted in the year 1997. However, when it was again carried out in the year 2003, a drastic increase in the percentage of people who can experience allergic reactions and the result was noticed to be 1.7-4.1%.

Consequences of fragrance in skincare product

Fragrances generally used.

Three types of fragrances are generally used in the production of skincare products. They are – Fragrance Mix 1, Mix 2 and others like best smelling perfumes ever for man and woman. The different groups are categorized according to the time when they were discovered and the categorization has nothing to with structural properties.

Fragrance Mix 1 – This group contains fragrances that can trigger the reaction from most likely to least likely. For example – isoeugenol, aldehyde, eugenol, cinnamic aldehyde, oakmoss, alcohol, etc. These were introduced in the year 1977. Since then, they are being accepted and acknowledged by the community.

Fragrance Mix II – This group has order similar to that of Fragrance I. Citral, Lyral, Citronellol, Alpha-hexyl Cinnamal etc. are the components of this group. The fragrances were introduced in the year 2002 after it was found that the compounds of FM I was accountable to the symptoms reported by them to cause fragrance allergies.

Others – The group is given an arbitrary name and it contains 26 fragrances in total. Some fragrances contained in this group are also found in group I and II. The fragrances which are already included in other groups are further analyzed and this results in actions that are regulatory and they are also pertained to package labels.

It is quite difficult to list all fragrances as they are huge in number and the list is endless. The most commonly used are – limonene, alcohol, linalool, etc but the most important thing is that how it is made because the recipe makes a great value

The seventh mandate of the EU Cosmetic Directive legally requires that the cosmetic products that are produced in Europe that contain any fragrance out of the available 26 combinations concentrations should be below 10ppm for products that are left on the skin and it should be below 100 ppm for products that are rinsed-off must be mentioned in the ingredients list on the label present on the product.

Facts that should be learned

So what are some of the important facts we should pay attention to while using fragrance infused skincare products?

  • If you have a history of being prone to allergic reactions by using fragrances then you are now aware that there are lists of compounds available that should be paid attention to when you are shopping for skincare products. With the help of this process, you will not have to go through the trial and error stage again using skincare products.
  • Make a note not to check only the fragrance list while deciding to buy a product, it does not necessarily mean that one or more are not present at concentrations < 10 ppm or <100 ppm for products that are either leave-on or rinse-off.

According to certain studies, some fragrances that are used commonly are gentle on the skin and penetrates effectively. Limonene is an excellent fragrance which is used in products while others such as linalool and geraniol are not that great. Menthol which is generally used compound and is well-known for its minty smell provides little tingly sensation has a rank of 99 in terms of the presence of enzymes in it.

However, there are certain fragrances available such as Lavender which primarily rely on Linalool, and is well known to provide relaxation feeling when applied on the skin. It is believed that aromatherapy doesn’t provide any benefits to the skin that can be noticed, still, if it provides relaxation it is great.

It is also concluded that taking too much stress is not at all good for the skin, lavender can help in releasing some stress after you apply a lavender-scented moisturizer. Go for one and keep stress at bay.

Last words

My choice when it comes to Skincare products is that unless it is limousine, I usually avoid fragrances of any kind in my skincare products as they do not have any real benefit to the skin and can also bother nose with their smell sometimes. I love some fragrances though but I like them in things like Bath & Body Works Candles.

Keep a few things in mind while using skin care products and stay safe from any unwanted happenings.

● If you experience allergic reactions too often by using skincare products that have fragrance in it, then use the ones that have fragrances from FM I, II or Others to avoid skin reactions.

● If you don’t get allergic reactions on the skin by using fragrance infused products then you can consider using them as they can be bliss too by delivering positive effects on your skin. Fragrances can also help in enriching one’s life either by penetrating or enhancing overall health. We look forward to providing unbiased, meaningful, and proper insight on skincare products so that you don’t go through allergic reactions after trying products that were made for skin betterment.

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